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About Heather

Hi, my name is Heather.
I live in Binbrook, Ontario with my little family of four. 
I love God, Andy Warhol, my family, the Lion King, the color yellow and growing blooms. 


Our Style

I like to think of my stlye as unstructured, nature inspired , yet also predicatble, much like nature itself.  It makes my heart sing when I see a wildflower in the city, or a fern growing amongt a garden of blooms.  I equally love neutral palettes and colorful ones, and love using a hint of an unexpected color in arrangements. I also love mixing p fresh and everlasting florals for the most texture! 

Every year I like to increase the amount of blooms I grow on our propery. My favourites are Dahlias, Statice, Cosmo, Yarrow, Scabiosa, Calendula and Zinnia. 



Looking back, my story is quite a fairytale. God continuously pushed me down this path and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I grew up in Ancaster Ontario, and every summer I helped my parents in their gardens, admiring the complexity and beauty of each bloom. I credit my parents for giving me a space to be completley immersed in the beauty of nature and sharing their love and knowlege of flowers. 

As a teenager and while styding in University, I was once again blessed to be a part of the floral community, being employed by a pair of perennial growers.  Working here was like opening the floral Pandora's Box. I cannot thank J&C enough for the eight wonderful years of growth I was able to experience there. If you walk into an Ontario garden centre, it is likely that some or all of those plants were thoughtfully grown by this wonderful couple.

I went on into Event Management after university while taking floral design courses . I wanted to marry together my love for events and florals and Calluna was born. We love flowering weddings and special events, but this year we will be going back to our roots and offering garden- inspired bunches. 


Our Lovestory

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